The Team

We focus on Salesforce services and related core competencies across Europe, Middle-East and Africa.

A new business but a highly experienced team.
Across the team we have 10+ years implementation and consulting experience.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence
Marketing Cloud Personalization
Marketing Cloud Developer
Marketing Cloud Consultant
Marketing Cloud Email Specialist
Marketing Cloud Administrator
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Specialist
Marketing Cloud Account Engagement Consultant
Sales Cloud Consultant
Service Cloud Consultant
Data Cloud Consultant
Data Architect
Application Architect
Sharing and Visibility Architect
Platform App Builder
Plateform Developer I

Client Management


Vanessa Kearney

Client Partner

Vanessa is well versed in bridging the conversation between business and technology seamlessly. She has worked with a variety of clients in EMEA where she has been integral in delivering solutions across analytics, e CRM customer journeys & cross channel orchestration.


Camilla Haynes

Account Manager

Camilla has nearly 10 years’ experience in building and nurturing great client relationships. She is also a skilled business analyst, specialising in digital change and transformation management, where she specialised in CRM implementation and data migration.


Chris Orkney

Business Development Director

Chris’s role at xSMTHS is to accelerate growth with a specific focus on the UK and Europe. He is 2 x Salesforce certified and has hands-on experience implementing Marketing Cloud and Sales Cloud. Chris has a strong background in Business Development, Enterprise Sales and Management.

Service Delivery


Antatolie Cernii

Senior Solutions Architect

Toly is a 8x certified Salesforce Architect who effortlessly bridges technical and business worlds. He has 5+ years of experience in solution design and implementation of Sales, Service, and Experience cloud projects, and recently Data Cloud. Toly also has decades of digital transformation experience and years of middle and top management experience.


Jean Patterson

Senior Technical Architect

Jean has been working on Salesforce Marketing Cloud as Developer since 2010 (previously ExactTarget). Amongst other projects he played an instrumental role as lead technologist in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud Implementation across 27 markets for large scale, global vehicle manufacturer.


Neil Seddon

Pardot Consultant

Neil has extensive experience in marketing and sales technology, including 12 years of expertise with Salesforce Marketing Account Engagement (formerly Pardot). He has successfully managed and implemented various projects, such as audits, engagement programs, and technology implementations.


Romain Bezy

Technical Architect

Romain has 3 years of experience working with Salesforce Marketing Cloud as Developer and Technical Architect. With 12 years of experience within various industries and markets, Romain brings a fresh approach to work with a strong analytics and critical mindset.


Simone Van Der Colff

Project Manager

Simone has over 12 years’ experience in Project Management in an array of differing industries that include Coal Mining, Engineering and IT. Simone is proficient in most popular Project Management methodologies and is a certified CAPM Project Manager.


Fred Van Der Westhuizen

Technical Architect

Fred has more than 12 years of experience in various facets of Digital. With one foot in technology and the other in marketing strategy - Fred always strives to understand the role Marketing Cloud and the solutions he builds will play in the client’s larger marketing ecosystem.



Morné Fischer

Managing Director

Founder and Managing Director of xSMTHS, Morné Fischer, brings deep experience in the marketing technology environment. He has extensive experience successfully managing and rapidly growing marketing tech capability for global businesses. Morné splits his time between South Africa & UK.


Kristina Gransee

Head of Operations

As the operational lead of xSMTHS, Kristina oversees all operational functions and activities. Her focus is on excellent professional service delivery, talent development and operational effectiveness. Kristina splits her time between South Africa and Germany.