Staff Augmentation

xSMTHS is a specialist Salesforce Marketing Cloud implementations partner in EMEA.

Resource Allocation

We are uniquely positioned with expertise across, Engagement, Account Engagement, Personalisation and Intelligence. Our resources are certified and more importantly have been working within SFMC for 10 years. We have implemented across verticals in single markets and multi market/global enterprise level environments.

We can offer medium to long term resource allocation, should you want to include our resources as part of your team.

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Cost Savings

Staff augmentation helps you save costs that your own internal staff would occur. For example, costs for additional benefits, like training & development, infrastructure costs, and more.


xSMTHS offers different contract durations to meet your business needs. Need a Senior Salesforce Developer upfront for 3 months and then a Campaign Developer for 6 months afterwards? We can provide the resources that you need to deliver with the most suited resources.

Faster time to value

Not only will we bring additional product and industry knowledge to your business, but we can also advice on best practice, efficiency, and ways of working.

Outsource experience

The xSMTHS Team has been supporting Salesforce as well as clients in the UK and Europe with outsourced services for many years. We have all processes and tools in place to provide clear insights and visibility. Just like you would have with your internal teams.

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