Dynamic start-up with xSMTHS: marketing cloud with clout

Issued by Dynamic Technologies


Technology group Dynamic Technologies and entrepreneur Morné Fischer have launched xSMTHS, a dedicated marketing cloud business that will deepen the group’s Salesforce expertise.

xSMTHS enables businesses to build and manage personalised customer journeys across all communication channels. The business, which began trading on 1 February 2022, implements Salesforce marketing cloud technology that will transform the way companies engage with their customers.

Founder and managing director of xSMTHS, Morné Fischer, brings deep experience in the marketing technology environment. He previously founded a robotic AI business that was later acquired by a global consultancy, and has an in-depth understanding of doing business in the digital landscape, from back-office operations to marketing efforts. His most recent experience includes successfully managing and rapidly growing offshore delivery capability for businesses in developed markets.

Fischer says: “xSMTHS delivers cutting-edge, enterprise marketing cloud services. Our teams have extensive expertise in this space and bring innovation in solution design and delivery.”

xSMTHS assists businesses across the EMEA region by designing solutions that meet their business requirements, implement and configure the technology as well as connect it to the right data sets to enable advanced customer interaction. These include Messaging and Journeys, Interaction Studio, Datorama, CDP, Advertising Studio and Pardot. Integration with data and other technologies, optimisation of technology, customised training, enablement of technology and solution, and technical support form part of their bouquet of services.

The experienced project teams of skilled and certified solution architects, business consultants and technical architects deliver enterprise-level marketing technology solutions to design and implement applicable solutions for any environment.

“xSMTHS enters the market with a team of certified Salesforce Marketing Cloud Architects with more than 10 years’ experience in delivering services to clients in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa,” says Fischer.

Chris Wilkins, CEO of Dynamic Technologies, says: “xSMTHS is our most recent and most exciting start-up. In line with group strategy, xSMTHS will focus on securing client projects in South Africa, the UK and the USA and creating jobs in South Africa and the UK. Morné Fischer is an experienced and competent leader, and we will give him all our support to ensure xSMTHS quickly becomes the premier provider of marketing cloud services in South Africa.”

Originally published on itweb.co.za
15 March 2022
Content by Linda Wilkins and Kristina Gransee