Industry Specific Demos

Personalization for Real Estate

Discover the future of real estate marketing with our Marketing Cloud Personalization demo.

Marketing Cloud Demos

Marketing Cloud Engagement

In this engaging demo video, Jakub and Romain deliver an insightful presentation on Marketing Cloud Engagement. They showcase the platform’s powerful functionalities, demonstrating how to build captivating emails, create seamless customer journeys, manipulate data effectively, and leverage the advanced Einstein capabilities. Join them to explore the full potential of Marketing Cloud Engagement and revolutionise your marketing strategies.

Marketing Cloud Account Engagement

In this demo video, Fred provides an overview of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement, highlighting the platform’s capabilities in creating captivating emails, targeting specific customer segments, crafting engaging landing pages, and developing effective engagement programs. Join this exploration to unleash the full potential of Marketing Cloud Account Engagement and ignite your marketing efforts for impactful results.

Marketing Cloud Personalization

In this demo video, Jakub delivers a detailed presentation on Marketing Cloud Personalization. He covers the journey from capturing customers’ data and transitioning from the unknown to known, to showcasing the powerful capabilities of on-demand content personalization on a website. Join this demo to see how Marketing Cloud Personalization can elevate your marketing strategies and create impactful, personalised experiences for your customers.

Marketing Cloud Intelligence

In this demo video, Romain delivers a presentation on Marketing Cloud Intelligence, showcasing the process of data injection, dashboard creation, and deriving valuable insights from your data. Explore the capabilities of Marketing Cloud Intelligence and enhance your marketing ROI.


Einstein for Account Engagement

Join Vanessa and Neil in this webinar as they unveil the secrets to supercharging your B2B Marketing with Einstein in MC Account Engagement. Discover expert strategies and insider tips to elevate your campaigns and achieve improved results.

Personalization in Engagement Journey

Join Camilla and Jakub in this insightful webinar as they guide you through the process of integrating MC personalization into your engagement journey to enhance your marketing campaigns. Gain valuable knowledge on leveraging personalization techniques to drive better results.

B2B Marketing in a Cookieless Environment

Join Neil and Vanessa in this webinar as they explain how to drive B2B Marketing in a cookieless environment.